Monday, March 3, 2014

Harold Ramis (1944-2014)

As a young kid growing up in the 1980s, I loved the movie Ghostbusters.  I would argue that it is easily one of the best films of the 80s.  Yes, the movie is a bit silly with (from today's perspective) bad special effects and campy dialogue, but it mixed two things that are rarely combined in popular entertainment: the supernatural (i.e., the ghosts) and science (i.e., the guys running around catching the ghosts with high-tech toys).  I think that's a theme of the movie that isn't discussed enough.  In the movie, ghosts exist, but science kicks their asses.  As a young kid, that made a huge impression on me.

On Feb 24th, 2014, the world lost Harold Ramis, an actor, director, and writer of some of the greatest comedies of the 20th century.  He acted in and co-wrote Ghostbusters, and in it showed that a geeky, awkward guy with glasses could take on a bunch of threatening ghosts, a Sumerian god of destruction (Gozer the Gozerian), and an enormous marshmallow man and come out on the winning side, not because he was big or strong or attractive, but because he was smart.  RIP Harold Ramis, and thanks for showing a generation of young kids that scientists can be heroes.

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