Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Interesting NPR Stories on Science and Research Funding in the US

I haven't been updating this blog as much as I'd like to over the past spring and summer, but it has been a busy time, and the blog has needed to take a back-seat to other stuff in my life, including my day job, wedding, traveling, etc.  I don't like to share too many articles from other sources; it feels like a cop-out rather than writing something more original.  There are plenty of blogs that present a laundry list of links every day or week that are way more comprehensive that I would ever be.  However, sometimes there are a few stories that I come across that I think should be passed along to anyone reading this blog.  

The first is an NPR story from "All Things Considered," called "When Scientists Give Up."  It is worth a read or listen.  I would argue that the first guy profiled in the story actually "gave up," while the second guy was "forced out" rather than "gave up."  Still, semantics aside, it is worth reading as a snapshot of what happens to a lot of people trying to pursue scientific research as a career.  

The second is "US Science Suffers From Booms and Busts in Funding" from NPRs "Morning Edition."  It describes a lot of the current funding issues facing scientists.  If you want to better understand what impact the current federal budget is having on research and researchers, these two articles are good places to start.