Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Top Environmental Senator Thinks Climate Change is a Conspiracy

From Time Magazine: "4 Ways the New Top Environment Senator Disagrees with Science."

Sen. Jim Inhofe, expected to take over the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, doesn't believe in global warming and even wrote a book about how climate change science was manufactured to scare people and promote anti-business regulations.  In fact, he's one of Washington's most vocal climate change deniers.  According to Time:  "Problem is, Inhofe’s opinions are deeply at odds with the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community, both in the U.S. and abroad."  

This whole view that scientists are in cahoots with liberal politicians to manufacture fake data for some hidden agenda is totally insulting to the whole scientific community.  Maybe politicians think this way because they themselves are so corrupt and criminal that they extend their own lack of morals to everyone else, and it makes sense to them that there could be a whole evil conspiracy surrounding climate change.  

This kind of thinking is akin to the absurd belief that the government is hiding some secret cure for cancer.  I've heard that time and time again.  Folks, let me tell you in all honesty, there are tons of people working hard on studying cancer research; to think that they have some magic cure hidden is insulting to them and their work.  They're not working hard for nothing.  The postdocs in research labs working 60 hrs a week and making $40K per year are not getting so rich off of grants that they want to keep any discovery a secret.  Climate change is the same way.  People doing research are not lying to you.  The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community is that global warming is real.  

If the concept of global warming and its consequences sound scary to you, that's because it is scary.  You should be scared of global warming.  That's why we need to act and address the problem.  It is not a conspiracy.  Its science.  I'm sorry if you are unhappy that climate change exists, but denying it will only make it worse.  Do we really want future generations to look back at us as a bunch of lazy, delusional idiots who refused to face one of the major problems of our time?