Science impacts every aspect of your daily life.  Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be stuffy or boring.  Every scientific discovery comes with a story behind it.  My goal is to try to tell some of those some of those stories in an enlightening and entertaining way. 

It is important that everyone better understands what scientists do, why scientific research is important, and what the benefits of research actually are.  People need to understand why their tax dollars are worth spending on research and what they are getting back from it.  

My name is Rob.  I'm a professional biologist who is also interested in science writing, history, communication, and education.  My inspiration for this blog comes from my real life experiences as a scientist and my interactions with other scientists and non-scientists.  I'm not just sitting behind a desk trying to write about science without actually understanding any of it.  I do science for a living.  I work at a major research university, where I study airway biology and infections, and I want to help people understand their world better through science.  That's the main mission of this blog. 

Because I have a day job as a scientist, this blog isn't updated as frequently as many science blogs.  I thus focus more on the quality of posts rather than the quantity of posts, and I try to include lots of references, links, and other tools that you can use to follow up on what I write.  Occasionally I will also feature opinion, editorial, or review pieces, but only when I think the topic is important and worth your time.  The main goal is to create quality posts with a long shelf life that are both entertaining and educational.   

Do you have an idea for a new post?  Is there a phenomenon, disease, profile of a famous scientist or discovery, or other kind of story that you would like to see featured on the blog?  Contact me!

The dog in the picture is my cockapoo pup Zoey, who is the managing editor of the blog.  However, she often sleeps on the job, which explains any typos you might find.     


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