Multi-Post Series

The Scientific Exploits of Ben Franklin
  1. The Oil Drop Experiments (7-21-2010)
  2. Franklin Fights Small Pox (5-27-2013)
  3. Heat and Evaporative Cooling (6-14-2013)
  4. Lead Poisoning (5-5-2014)
  5. Ben the Psychiatrist (coming soon)

Women and Gender Bias in Science
  1. Lise Meitner (9-6-2013)
  2. Jocelyn Bell Burnell (9-17-2013)
  3. Chien-Shiung Wu (10-7-2013)
  4. Martha Chase (10-28-2013)
  5. Coming Soon

JFK's Legacy in Science
  1. The Space Program (11-22-2013)
  2. Environmentalism (11-25-2013)
  3. Increased Appreciation of Science and Education in the US (11-27-2013)

Biology and Chemistry of Beer

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  1. It was interesting to learn that Ben Franklin was kind of the founder of discovering evaporated cooling. From what I understand he took pieces of cloth of various colors, cut them to the same size, and laid the squares of fabric onto a layer of snow and waited to see them shrink as the snow melted. I more interested to know how we can use this to improve energy efficient cost with heating and cooling. evaporative cooling